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Attention For IBR Roof Sheet Forming Machine in Guide Feeding Process

2023-12-20 15:13:00

The color plate passes through the decoiler systeminto the guide feeding device, a process that is very important. Because as the first procedure of the processing process, if the 

position of the steel plate is not correct at the beginning, the final products will also run off.

One point we need to pay attention to during the guide feeding process of the trapezoidal(IBR) roofing sheet machine is that the flat color steel plate should be aligned with the roller 

of the metal trapezoidal roll forming machine , and both layers need to be aligned. In order to ensure that they do not appear displacement, when the mechanical equipment is running,

we can use the hand to hold down the color plate to end the task of pushing into the main roll forming system. Once there is a situation that the color steel plate may not be able to enter 

the system, the machine should be closed in time.After the position of the color steel plate is adjusted correctly, the operator again operates in accordance with the original process .

When receiving materials,you should not use your hand to drag it.You just need to wait for the color steel plate to go through the shearing system which cuts the plate into equal length 

and come out of trapezoidal color steel roll forming machine ,then receive it by your hands. If the main roll forming process is not finished,you drag it by your hands,which will cause

the color steel plate appears different shapes. In that case, the steel plate you drag will be largely damaged, and the steel plate behind it will also be deformed.That would be penny wise 

and pound foolish.

GEIT GROUP reminds you to pay attention to safe operation in the production process of machine, if there is any problem you can contact our after-sales personnel to help you solve.


trapezoidal color steel roll forming machine

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