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How to judge the quality of glazed roof tile forming machine?

2023-12-26 14:24:59

High speed glazed forming machine,a machine to produce color steel plates,the quality of which would directly affect the quality of color steel plates.So,how to judge the quality of the machine?This 

is a problem that many customers pay attention to.Here is the answer to this question:

The machine forms the raw material by cold bending by many rows of rollers.So the requirements for the roller must be strong.The solid shaft is stronger than the hollow shaft which is easy to damage. 

But the cost of the solid shaft is much higher than the hollow shaft.

Second,observe the chain and gear that drive the roller. Chains and gears with good quality can drive the roller to complete the production of colored steel plates.

Next, we need to observe the main frame of the metal roof sheet roll making machine. The main frame of the machine and the strength of the steel used should be stable. The machine of our company is 

made of H-shaped steel,which is more stable and reliable.

Finally, observe whether the electrical control system is produced by a regular manufacturer. Because electricity is very important, it determines that every production link of the machine must be controlled 

and completed by it.

The bearing and roller determine the flatness of the colored steel tile after forming. And the steel of the base determines the stability of the machine. The unbalanced state of the machine will cause the 

deviation of the color steel tiles. And the light-load bearing will also cause the unbalanced state of the machine.

Here is GEIT Group, a Chinese one-stop supplier,which commits the design,development and manufacturing of glazed roofing tile making machine.If you have any questions,please contact with us.

High speed glazed forming machine

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