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What is Trapezoidal roof plate?

2023-12-13 15:56:34

Trapezoidal roof plate is produced by trapezoidal color steel tile machine, color steel plate or aluminum plate as raw materials, through a certain pass of the roller roll formed a common 

roofing material. Its design can be adjusted according to specific building needs and environmental conditions to achieve the best roofing results.

Trapezoidal roof panels usually have a certain thickness and shape and can be customized according to needs. The trapezoidal design can make the roof panel more stable and strong 

during construction and installation, and also improve the bearing capacity and waterproof performance of the roof. Commonly used for roofing of industrial and commercial buildings, 

it can also be used for roofing of residential and public buildings.

Trapezoidal roof plate

some common profile drawings:

Trapezoidal roof plate

Advantages of color steel tiles:

                    Light weight;

                    High strength;

                    Rich color;

                    Convenient and fast construction;

                    Earthquake resistance;

                    Fire resistance;

                    Rain resistance;


                    Long service life.

Disadvantages of color steel tiles:

                   Easy to deform;

                  Poor heat insulation;

                  Poor corrosion resistance;

                  Easy to condense;

                  Easy to rust;

                  Not soundproof;

                  Fast corrosion in special environments;

                  Easy to fade.

In general, trapezoidal roof panel is an important roofing material, and its design and use need to be comprehensively considered according to the specific situation to ensure that it can 

achieve the best use effect.

GEIT GROUP reminds you that when selecting trapezoidal roofing panels, you need to consider factors such as their material, shape, size and connection mode to ensure that they can meet 

the needs of the building. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider its construction and installation process to ensure its quality and performance.

Or when you want to buy our IBR roll forming machines, you can investigate the market in advance, and then draw a layout drawing that requires the layout. Our engineers will design 

the machine for you according to your profile drawing, and the sales staff will also provide you with useful suggestions.

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